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Why use southern yellow pine for decking?

Everybody wants to construct a home that’s catchy to the eyes and easy on the comfort. If you want to build a deck for your home, you will probably want to make sure it has all the qualities a wood should have. The good news is that decks add great beauty to a home. The bad news is that not every lumber will make a good deck. Now you must be wondering what type of wood should I use for decking?

Well, southern yellow pine is a name that stands tall amongst all other woods used for outdoor construction. Let’s take a look at why you should use the southern yellow pine or SYP for decking in your home.


Attracts The Eyes

Just like the name suggests, southern yellow pine has tones of yellow that are appealing to the eye and engage well with the outdoor environment. Soft yellow colours always blend beautifully with the environment and make a great choice for residential construction.


Good Quality

Everyone desires to make sure that their decks are sturdy and constructed with quality wood that can support a lot of weight. Even though SYP is categorized as softwood, don’t let the name fool you. It is incredibly strong lumber that can bear weights and take on all the nails that you dish out. Commonly architects use this wood to support beams.


Paint And Stain

Normally, when you paint on wood, it does not accept it and eventually, it ends up looking like a puddle of mud. But with the porous nature of SYP, it will happily accept any quality paint that you apply and you will see the best of results.


The Age Miracle

Even if you install any quality wood, eventually you will notice greying and fading of colour and soon your deck will end up looking grizzly and worn-out. Southern yellow pine slows down this ageing process and ensures that your deck looks fresh and state of the art for many years to come.


Light On The Pocket

Southern yellow pine makes for the most affordable lumber amongst all the quality woods with a knack for looking good. Even if you alternate it with a composite wood or plastic building material, your deck would end up looking tacky and gimcrack.

Building your deck with SYP gives out quality without costing a fortune and leaving you in debt. SYP is the best choice that matches your budget along with the aesthetics that your desire.


Final word

Manchester decks are the best solution for designing a stylish outdoor living space! With their zest for outdoor living, they can provide you with the creative looks that you desire for your home. Contact Manchester decks today!


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