Easy Seal Deck Magic 3 Litres

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Easy Seal Deck magic a high-performance penetrating timber sealer that improves foot traction to provide a safer grip on wet decking.



Easy Seal deck magic timber protector is an ideal sealer protector for either on going applications or straight after a deck installation.

Improves grip on wet timber due to it’s moisture swelling particles.

Seals the wood yet allows it to breath.

Resists algae growth

Does not change the colour of the timber.

Easy to apply with 2 spray coats.

Available in 3 litre tubs.

Coverage around 18-20m² per tub.


Easy Seal Deck magic timber protector uses the latest advances in Chemical technology. It is a high performance penetrating sealer, with the added bonus of improving foot traction to provide a safer grip on wet decking. Using Easy Seal Deck Protect means there no need to use grid or other unsightly coatings and there are no textural changes when dry. It will also assist in preserving the life of timber decking.

In addition it can be used to seal & protect virtually any porous bare or uncoated timber such as fences, sheds, pergolas etc. Check out Azpects Easy Seal Deck Protect application video here.

For more handy tips on deck cleaning and sealing please check out our How to maintain your deck blog.

  • Improves grip on wet timber flooring and decking
  • Seals the wood yet allows it to “breathe”
  • Excellent water proofing qualities
  • Preserves the life of your decking
  • Resists algae and fungal growth
  • Water based – contains no abrasives
  • Invisible coating – no textural or long term colour change
  • Solvent free and easy to use

Easy Seal Deck Magic is an ideal sealer protector for both ongoing applications and immediate use after installing a deck. Here are some key features:

  1. Improved Grip: It enhances traction on wet timber due to its moisture-swelling particles.
  2. Breathable Sealing: While it effectively seals the wood, it allows it to breathe.
  3. Algae Resistance: Say goodbye to unsightly algae growth.
  4. Color Preservation: It won’t alter the natural color of the timber.

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