Dense select structural Grade 38mm x 90mm

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Dense select structural (DSS) grade Southern yellow pine is a strong structurally capable material with a high aesthetic.

DSS grading rules allow some knots and wane, but these are limited.

Treated to UC4 ground contact ,and Kiln dried after treatment,this section provides a strong stable material for deck framing, screen building and crafting outdoor timber structures .


At a glance

  • DSS structural grade stressrated C24
  • UC4 treated for ground contact
  • Some knots and wane may occur but generally of good appearance
  • Grown in the Southern states of the USA
  • Highest export grade Southern pine framing timber.
  • Available in 4890mm lengths only
  • Recommended Fixings – Stainless steel 5x75mm or 6.5x100mm landscape screws.
  • Colour will darken naturally to a nut brown with UV exposure or can be coloured with a tinted deck oil to suit any taste.


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It is produced from virtually knot free material grown in the coastal belt of Georgia & South Carolina. With its smart clear grade southern pine decking, warm and comfortable underfoot yet provides good slip resistance and is easy to maintain.

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