Cloud grey Brazilian slate

£27.50 excluding VAT



Brazilian slate paving is an extremely dense and closely laminated paving material.

The stone is bonded in very fine tight beds and does not de-laminate or flake as some slate materials do.

The unique geology of Brazilian slate means that the riven slate is always flat with no cupping or deflection

within the individual slabs.

Because of its dense make up Brazilian slate resists moisture ingress , meaning it dries out very quickly and resists algae growth.

The material has a very uniform slightly rippled riven finish which offers excellent slip resistance.

20mm gauged thickness.

Paving is available in 3 sizes and sold by the pack delivered:

400 x 600mm 16m²/pack

400 x 800mm 16m²/pack

600 x 900mm 18m²/pack

All are priced at £27.50/m²


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