Clear Grade Radius Edge decking 25mm x 90mm x 4890mm

£15.95 excluding VAT


Clear & Better grade 25x90mm Southern Yellow Pine Decking is an exceptional decking material with a high aesthetic appeal. It is produced to a high manufacturing standards from 99% knot free timber, grown in South Carolina and Georgia’s timber belt.

Treated with MCA to UC4 ground contact and kiln dried to 18% before and after treatment.

This narrower deck board is great for stand alone projects where a narrower board is preferred or as a detail board for border details, hand rail components , screen caps etc.

This product is available in a 4890mm length only.

Circa £32.00/m²

At a glance

  • Clear grade 99% knot free
  • Grown in the Southern states of the USA
  • Regularly specified for high-end residential applications
  • Highest export grade Southern pine decking.
  • Available in 4890mm lengths only
  • Circa £32.00/m²
  • Recommended Fixings – Stainless steel 5x60mm or for a smaller head size 4.2x55mm torx drive deck screws.
  • Colour will darken naturally to a nut brown with UV exposure or can be coloured with a tinted deck oil to suit any taste.




It is produced from virtually knot free material grown in the coastal belt of Georgia & South Carolina. With its smart clear grade southern pine decking, warm and comfortable underfoot yet provides good slip resistance and is easy to maintain.

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