Slate paving slabs are a fantastic option for those who want to give their patio or garden a subtle yet bold look. Natural mellow tones and a sheer riven texture, slate paving slabs can effortlessly create a beautiful and modern setting for your outdoor space.
Aside from its stunning appearance, slate is a natural stone that’s also known for being durable, versatile, and cost-effective. Like fine wine, slate stone ages gracefully and is guaranteed to last for many years.
Hardy and stain-resistant, this type of stone paving can withstand British weather—no matter how hot or dry, wet or cold. Although having a smooth texture, slate paving slabs still provide a reliable grip, even when wet or frosted over.
Our premium selection of slate paving slabs is from Brazil, where the highest quality of slate can be sourced. Brazilian slate is one of the finest in the world and provides the lowest water absorption rate for natural stone paving. Imported to the UK directly from quarries, our slate slabs are CE tested and conform to UK standards.
We provide slate paving slabs in two colours—grey and black and 3 sizes .
400×600, 400×800 and 600x900mm

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