Decking Screw Considerations

It is interesting to note when you look for best deck screws for pressure-treated wood, you ought to make the proper selection.

For instance, make sure the screw in question is capable of enduring things like:

  • The weather.
  • Structural loads, and
  • The caustic nature of :
  1. Natural and
  2. Chemical wood preservatives.

You may face a question such as can you use stainless steel screws in pressure-treated wood? Well, there are several sure-shot alternatives available to accomplish this objective.

For example, you can easily settle down for items like:

  • Galvanised
  • Ceramic coated, or
  • Stainless steel screws.

Remember, these are appreciated for being the perfect corrosion-resistant fasteners. As a consequence, they produce outstanding outcomes when used for pressure-treated items like:

  • Cedar or
  • Redwood

Opt for good all-round decking screws

Choose perfect all-around decking screws to get expected results from screws or nails for deck framing.

Ideally, you ought to opt for 3 ½ inches to 2 ½ inch lengths. Let us bear in mind one important thing concerning these screws. These screws are incredible:

  • Sharp
  • Tapered
  • Self-sinking, and
  • Coated for corrosion resistance.

You can successfully meet your decking jobs completed by using them accurately. For instance, make use of a cordless driver/drill. This way you will succeed in driving them as fast as nails.

Deck screws have a special significance and importance

Irrespective of whether it is yellow zinc screws pressure treated wood or any other screws, the deck screws do play an instrumental role.

For instance, these are well known for securing the decking boards. This way they go about producing the best walking surface of a :

  • Porch
  • Dock
  • Deck, or
  • Boardwalk

This explains why choosing the best performing deck screws is so very vital if you are:·

  • Constructing a new deck or
  • Repairing an old one,

Give special consideration to certain things while using these screws

Different construction projects require different kinds of materials and special considerations.

For instance, if you’re starting a project involving these screws, make sure you give importance to factors like:

  • Decking materials and
  • Climate

If you are planning to use these screws take note of these aspects:

  • In case the work involves non-treated wood, go for different screws rather than opting for commonly treated alternatives like pressure-treated lumber.
  • Make judicious selection of the right screw as it goes a long way in preventing unwanted damage. This is particularly true when it concerns things like:
  1. Coastal areas.
  2. Salt exposure, and
  3. Chloride

Know what screws suit the pressure-treated wood

Galvanized screws produce best results for pressure-treated decking. Similarly, if the decks in question are Redwood or Western Red Cedar, it is prudent to use stainless steel screws. It helps prevent instances of occurrences of stains around the screw heads.

Caring for your decking

Deck care made simple

Looking after your deck can seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple pointers the job can seem a lot simpler.


Why should I clean my deck?

Cleaning your deck will remove algae build up (the green bloom that appears on all outdoor surfaces if left to do so). It’s the algae that makes any surface slippery especially when wet.

Removing the algae regularly will help keep your deck slip free and its original colour.

Regularly sweeping or blowing leaves and other matter from the deck surface , particularly in the Autumn , will help keep it clean dry and algae free. This will reduce how often you need to clean any deck.


When to do it?

Ideally clean your deck in the warmer months of the year when it will dry out quicker allowing you to carry out a deck service more effectively. April to September are usually the best months.


What tools to use?

A pressure washer is a handy, but not essential, tool when cleaning your deck.

A decent stiff brush to work in any chemical cleaners is also a must.

Ideally a rotating head cleaner such as the one pictured below should be used. These start at around £30 but can cost a lot more. The rotating head will keep the jet pressure even and help avoid any scoring or fluffing of the surface that can happen with needle jet heads if left in one place for too long. They give a good even clean to the surface.

If you don’t have a pressure washer a small headed deck scrubbing brush can be used but there’s a lot more elbow grease required with this approach. You will also need a garden spray or a large bucket if chemical cleaners are required.

decking cleaner

What to do and why?

There are 3 steps to deck care and not all of them are needed every time so it’s helpful to be able to figure out what the best approach is to your particular deck.


Step 1 : Cleaning.

Step 2 : Sanding.

Step 3 : Oiling.


If your deck is becoming green in the corners and starting to get slippery when wet it needs a clean. A pressure washer will get rid of a lot of the dirt and a deck cleaning chemical will help, particularly if the green tinge is not readily washed away. Deck cleaner is usually applied with a sprayer once the decks had a quick clean to remove surface dirt and is then scrubbed in to remove deep seated dirt and algae from the top layer of the wood. It’s usually important that all the chemical is washed off after cleaning before it’s oiled.

If the decks been down a few years you may need to give it a flat sand to smooth off any areas of raised grain and to flatten the knap of the wood after washing (a rotating head cleaner helps reduce this, stopping the surface of the wood from becoming fluffy). Always sand when the wood’s dry and it’s not going to rain for a day or more.

While cleaning the deck will remove dirt it will also leave the wood dry.  Oiling the wood feeds the wood and improves its water repellence thus inhibiting algae growth and keeping the deck slip free and looking good for far longer. There are a wide range of deck treatments available, oil and water based can both be good. Try and avoid any product with a polyurethane content. These tend to act as a cheap varnish leaving the wood looking great for a few weeks then cracking and peeling over time and leaving you with a big job stripping the deck seal off when you next come to clean it.

There are products and help on our website and please e mail me with any queries. We are only too happy to help.

Finally, if you don’t want to tackle the job yourself there are good deck care professionals who can help. Again, please contact me and I will let you know if there’s someone, I can recommend servicing decks in your area.

Wrapping around bench with back support

Why use southern yellow pine for decking?

Everybody wants to construct a home that’s catchy to the eyes and easy on the comfort. If you want to build a deck for your home, you will probably want to make sure it has all the qualities a wood should have. The good news is that decks add great beauty to a home. The bad news is that not every lumber will make a good deck. Now you must be wondering what type of wood should I use for decking?

Well, southern yellow pine is a name that stands tall amongst all other woods used for outdoor construction. Let’s take a look at why you should use the southern yellow pine or SYP for decking in your home.


Attracts The Eyes

Just like the name suggests, southern yellow pine has tones of yellow that are appealing to the eye and engage well with the outdoor environment. Soft yellow colours always blend beautifully with the environment and make a great choice for residential construction.


Good Quality

Everyone desires to make sure that their decks are sturdy and constructed with quality wood that can support a lot of weight. Even though SYP is categorized as softwood, don’t let the name fool you. It is incredibly strong lumber that can bear weights and take on all the nails that you dish out. Commonly architects use this wood to support beams.


Paint And Stain

Normally, when you paint on wood, it does not accept it and eventually, it ends up looking like a puddle of mud. But with the porous nature of SYP, it will happily accept any quality paint that you apply and you will see the best of results.


The Age Miracle

Even if you install any quality wood, eventually you will notice greying and fading of colour and soon your deck will end up looking grizzly and worn-out. Southern yellow pine slows down this ageing process and ensures that your deck looks fresh and state of the art for many years to come.


Light On The Pocket

Southern yellow pine makes for the most affordable lumber amongst all the quality woods with a knack for looking good. Even if you alternate it with a composite wood or plastic building material, your deck would end up looking tacky and gimcrack.

Building your deck with SYP gives out quality without costing a fortune and leaving you in debt. SYP is the best choice that matches your budget along with the aesthetics that your desire.


Final word

Manchester decks are the best solution for designing a stylish outdoor living space! With their zest for outdoor living, they can provide you with the creative looks that you desire for your home. Contact Manchester decks today!


Colourtrend clear deck stain.

Colourtrend clear deck stain seals the surface of the timber , repelling water, and protecting against UV and the elements.

The deck dries out quicker and resists algae growth for longer.

The product slowly degrades over a 12-18 month period making it easy to remove with prepdeck when it’s time to re coat.

It does not peel or flake and has a minimal effect on colour changing the wood to a shade darker.

Available in 5 litre tubs.